Quick Thoughts on Saturday’s Games, Fordham-Towson, FSU-Duke, Missouri-Auburn, MSU-OSU

My Saturday was basically completely spent on the couch in a semi-comatose state due to a house holiday punch concoction Friday night which left zero survivors.  On the bright side, I got to take in a full day of college football from the FBS playoffs to the SEC.

First up, Fordham @ Towson, Round 2 FBS Championship Playoffs


Our guys played their hearts out Saturday afternoon on the road against a tough, tough Towson team, can’t let this game take away from what has been a storybook year for the men of Rose Hill.  Looking back a couple years ago to 2011 when we went 1-10 to the turnaround we witnessed this year at 12-2 culminating with trip to the second round of the FBS playoffs there’s no doubt football is back in the Bronx.  Coach Moorehead and this team are building something special here and I’m excited to see what the next few years have in store for the Rams with a young core of players and increasingly competitive recruiting classes, there’s a lot to be proud of over here FU, FU, FU.

Not Lombardis Fordham Football


Next, Auburn vs. Missouri, SEC Championship


Yep that was a doozie.  Talk about an SEC shootout, if you went to the bathroom any time during this game you were missing at least two scores.  Auburn dual-threat QB Nick Marshall is a absolute beast and really STOLE the show (Georgia fans see what I just did there?) breaking off monster runs and throwing strikes when he had to.  This win sealed up a national title game appearance for the Tigers who ran all over the Mizzou squad.

The only defender that slowed down a War Eagle all afternoon was wearing white and black stripes.




Florida State vs. Duke, ACC Championship


Thanks for showing up Duke.  Next stop for the Seminoles, Pasadena.

P.S. #14 just got put on every highlight film in Americajameis 2

P.P.S. Don’t sweat Jameis about the sexual assault ESPN

Not guilty



Michigan State vs. Ohio State, Big ? Championship


With all the hoopla about the BCS game being un-American without an SEC team competing for a National Championship, Ohio State just did everyone a favor by laying a big stinker in prime-time.

This picture of Urban Meyer eating Papa John’s after the loss under the stadium just sums up the night for the Buckeyes, rock bottom.




Well there you have folks, probably one of the best weekends in college football in a long time and a Florida State-Auburn national championship game all but locked up.